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Unwrap the charms of cheddar this Christmas with a tasting box from Quicke’s

Amy Brice

cheddar box

Packed with five Devon-sent wedges, ready to take cheese lovers on a journey in cheddar, the Cheddar Tasting Box from Quicke’s is the perfect gift for curd nerds this Christmas. Celebrating the diversity and complexities of Quicke’s award-winning range of clothbound cheddars, the box also contains a flavour profile wheel to help festive folk identify the unique tasting notes and aromas within.

A chance to indulge and geek out on Britain’s undisputed cheeseboard champ, the Cheddar Tasting Box includes the full suite of Quicke’s cheddars. From the smooth and rich 3-month matured Buttery, through to Mature, Extra Mature and the 2-year matured Vintage Cheddar, the UK’s longest aged clothbound cheddar, every wedge brings its own unique characteristics to the table.

Accompanied by Oak Smoked Clothbound Cheddar, cold smoked using oak chips from trees grown on the Quicke’s estate, the tasting box is a true expression of the landscape around Home Farm. Whether nestled on a cheeseboard, grated onto gratin or paired with cider, sloe gin, whisky or wine, these cheddars will be well at home once the presents are unwrapped and the season of greeting and eating gets underway.

The Quicke’s Cheddar Tasting Box is available to buy from www.quickes.co.uk, priced at £25, and contains a flavour wheel, cheddar tasting notes, a ‘What’s in a Wedge’ guide and five 200g wedges; Buttery Clothbound Cheddar, Mature Clothbound Cheddar, Extra Mature Clothbound Cheddar, Vintage Clothbound Cheddar and Oak Smoked Cheddar.