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Bringing fuel for the fireside, Pipers Farm sausages keep it natural

Amy Brice

Pipers Farm natural sausage barbecue

Devon-based online butcher, Pipers Farm is preparing for family feasts this summer with its range of natural gluten free sausages, which are ready to roll for picnics, barbeques and campsite breakfasts. Wholesome, succulent and full of flavour, these rusk, preservative and chemical free sausages are handmade on the farm using slow-grown Saddleback pork shoulder, providing naturally nourishing fuel for those hungry explorers embracing the great outdoors.

Spending their entire lives outside and farrowing in arks, Wessex Saddleback pigs are the native west country breed and enjoy a natural life with Pipers Farm. Right from birth, the piglets are left with their mother for eight weeks, so they can build up a natural immunity from mother’s milk, helping them to reach maturity without the need for antibiotics. Moving onto foraging, grazing and rooting, the pigs are grown on vegetables and fodder beat on a mixed farm, an old fashioned and sustainable way of producing wholesome, healthy and natural food, while maintaining the land itself.

This traditional way of rearing pigs and the stunning Devon landscape provide the perfect ingredients for Pipers Farm’s sausages, which are a celebration of its award-winning pork, with only gluten free oats, fresh herbs and salt and pepper added to the mix. Whether sizzled over hot coals or packed up for a picnic, these sausages are made with the whole family in mind, just like every cut of meat produced by the Greigs since Pipers Farm was first established nearly three decades ago.

Pipers Farm’s range of natural sausages, which include Natural Breakfast Sausages, Pork & Apple Sausages, Sausages Wrapped in Bacon, Plain Pork Sausages, Natural Cumberland Sausages, Black Pudding Sausages, Cheddar and Red Onion Marmalade Sausages and Venison Sausages, are available from the online butcher for next day delivery across the UK and beyond at pipersfarm.com.