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Eggs, milk and more, rambling up to the front door

Amy Brice

Rambling free.jpg

The Traditional Free Range Egg Company’s Rambling Free hens eggs are now available for home delivery throughout the UK, thanks to a new listing with Milk & More, an online service delivering fresh milk and a wide range groceries to customers’ doors every day, from producers who really care about what they do. Part of the Somerset-based free range egg producer and supplier’s critically acclaimed Free Collection, these Great Taste award-winning eggs are produced by small flocks of hens, who are free to roam the lush pastures from dawn until dusk.

Fed a carefully balanced ration of feed and housed in traditional flat deck sheds at night, the Rambling Free girls enjoy a combination of love, care, freedom and fresh air on small independent family-run farms across the south west, all of which employ methods that can be traced back to the roots of free range egg production.

Whether poached, scrambled or fried, whipped into meringues or beaten into cakes, these exceptional quality free range eggs take a humble commodity to new heights, with their speckled natural shells, firm unblemished whites and rich golden yolks, and have never been more convenient to buy.

Dan Wood, managing director of The Traditional Free Range Egg Company, explains;

“We love the concept of Milk & More, harking back to the days when the local milkman delivered fresh milk to your door every morning, so it’s fantastic to have our Rambling Free hens eggs sold as part of this traditional offering. Up to now, these eggs have been available at independent retailers such as Selfridges, Bayley & Sage and selected delis, farm shops and grocery stores acr0ss the UK, so we’re very excited to be reaching out to more people than ever with our Rambling Free eggs, which were designed to champion the work of small independent family-run farms. This is a great coming together of traditional farming methods and a very modern way of shopping, which we hope will benefit everyone.”

Rambling Free hens eggs are sold in packs of six and are available for delivery nationwide at www.milkandmore.co.uk, RRP £2.39.

For more information about The Traditional Free Range Egg Company, please visit www.thetraditionalfreerangeeggcompany.co.uk