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As recognition for tradition grows, the Woods call for more egg producers to join the free range family

Amy Brice


With demand for its multi-award-winning free range eggs at an all-time high, The Traditional Free Range Egg Company is looking to expand its network of small independent family-run farms across the south west to produce hen, duck, goose and quail eggs for the Somerset-based free range egg producer and supplier.

Owners, Dan and Briony Wood (above centre), are calling for other like-minded free range egg producers to join the fold and help satisfy consumers’ growing appetite for traditional free range eggs. Continuing in its mission to create a sustainable future for traditional free range egg farmers, The Traditional Free Range Egg Company moved into a new premises last year to better equip the company to play a key role in helping smaller farms to thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace, and with demand for its eggs increasing across the UK, it now plans to expand its network of egg farmers who all employ the flat deck method of production.

Dan Wood, managing director of The Traditional Free Range Egg Company, explains; 

“Consumers are increasingly aware of where their food comes from and how it is produced, so many are now actively searching for producers that they have confidence in, which is great news for us small independent family-run farms. In order to keep up with this growing demand for our free range eggs, we would love to hear from other farmers using methods that can be traced back to the roots of free range egg production, who might like to become part of The Traditional Free Range Egg Company’s growing family. These farmers’ knowledge and experience is second to none and something we think is too special to lose, so we want to do all we can to ensure they are championed and supported.”

For more information on The Traditional Free Range Egg Company, please visit www.thetraditionalfreerangeeggcompany.co.uk