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Pipers Farm serves up a sustainable Sunday roast to nourish those nearest

Amy Brice

Topside beef

As the nation continues to diversify its diet, discovering fresh world flavours and opting for more meat free meals throughout the week, Pipers Farm’s Grass Fed Beef Topside, a classic roasting joint laced with a fine-grained texture and flavour releasing bite, remains King of the Sunday lunch table. Slow grown and 100% grass fed, this wholesome and nutritious beef can be enjoyed by the whole family with assurance that it has been produced in harmony with nature.

Spending their entire lives outside, the native Red Ruby Cattle are perfectly suited to the Devon landscape and its natural resources. The calves build up their natural immunity free from antibiotics with a diet of mother’s milk, which is converted from rough native pasture and heather. Once this milk source dries up after nine months, the ruminant Red Ruby Cattle enjoy a natural diet of forage, herb-rich grass and hay. This 100% grass-fed diet ensures a healthy gut, feeding their own microbiome as well as helping the cattle play a vital role in the cyclical maintenance of the land, grazing the pasture while nurturing the soil and providing food and habitats for insects in the process.

Once the Red Ruby Cattle reach natural maturity around 31-36 months old, as opposed to the industrialised method where cereal, grains and chemicals are fed to the cattle to speed up the growing process, they are taken to a local family-run farmyard-based abattoir. The entire carcass is then hung on the bone for at least four weeks, a time-honoured technique, which develops an intense depth of flavour and mouth-watering texture.

Served alongside golden potatoes, roasted in Pipers Farm’s Free Range Goose Fat, fluffy Yorkshire Puddings and seasonal vegetables all drizzled in homemade gravy using Pipers Farms Pure Beef Stock, the Grass Fed Beef Topside can provide the centrepiece for a delicious, nourishing and truly traditional Sunday roast with minimal impact on the environment.

Pipers Farm’s Grass Fed Beef Topside is all available to order from www.pipersfarm.com, £21 per kg.