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Carving out a space for a new adventure

Amy Brice

New adventure HR.jpg

As sons and daughters fly the nest this autumn, heading off to college or university to continue their academic journeys, a shepherd’s hut from Dorset-based master hutmaker, Plankbridge, can provide a fresh space for parents to explore their interests and creative passions, taking the opportunity to embark upon a new journey of their own.

Tucked away from world, these beloved boltholes allow parents to carve out a space that is truly theirs, without being tempted to reclaim that vacated bedroom the moment their child leaves for their first term of study. Whether inspired by painting, poetry, photography or flower arranging, a carefully tailored interior design can maximise every inch of the shepherd’s hut’s 12’ by 6’6” Victorian footprint, with Plankbridge utilising everything from inventive storage solutions and undersized Belfast sinks to meticulously crafted fold out desks.

Extending the use of the garden throughout the year, these hideaways come complete with a wood burning stove and 240v electrics, while a 75mm insulated cavity, constructed using a breathable carbon-neutral material made from 80% recycled bottles, ensures that the interior stays cool throughout the summer and cosy when the frost begins to bite. So as Christmas rolls around and students return to their old room with an armful of books, a sack of laundry and plenty of tales to tell, who knows what other stories will have been started just a few steps down the garden path.

Plankbridge shepherd’s huts start from £16,500 and measure 12' long. Longer and bespoke designs can be quoted for.

For more information about Plankbridge Hutmakers, please visit www.plankbridge.com.