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A new chapter in chocolate, The Seed Fund reveals fresh look for Adam’s

Amy Brice


Following a year of support and guidance from leading industry mentors, as a result of winning The Seed Fund’s annual prize last September, Bristol-based Adam’s Chocolate has today unveiled its new brand, ushering in a new dawn for raw chocolate.

Packaged in elegant resealable pouches, offering an enticing peek of the cubes within, each flavour combination is intriguingly illustrated to help tell the story behind this unique organic cold-pressed chocolate, which not only tastes delicious but makes the consumer feel incredible. Free from refined sugars, dairy, gluten and soy, this pioneering treat gives a burst of energy without the usual sugar crash to follow.

The Seed Fund’s 2016 winner, owned by old school friends Adam Farag and Mark Claydon, has been on a journey of discovery and business development since coming through the Academy of hand-picked start-ups and landing the top prize. Spending time with the philanthropic organisation’s network of industry mentors, Adam and Mark have gained insights into a wide range of disciplines, including design, marketing, distribution, finance and how to approach retail.

A visual representation of this journey, the new brand features an illustration of the rare criollo tree and its precious bounty, cacao, which is combined with the ‘Lost Crops of the Incas’, yacon, lucama and maca, to produce a rich and velvety chocolate that boosts the immune system and aids digestion. Designed by Bristol-based branding consultancy, The Collaborators, each pouch includes a depiction of the colourful superfoods that are woven into each of the four flavours; Goji Berry and Pistachio; Hazelnut and Blackcurrant; Coconut and Banana; and Mint.

This year’s Seed Fund Academy has seen 13 fledgling food and drink businesses benefit from an intensive educational summer programme, hosted by The Seed Fund’s mentors, who are helping turn these start-ups’ big ideas into big business. The Final Four have just been named, with one eventual winner set to be announced at the Great Taste Golden Fork Award Dinner on Monday 4 September, following in Adam’s Chocolate’s footsteps and receiving a further year of support.

Each 82g pouch of Adam’s Organic Cold Pressed Chocolate contains eight pieces, RRP £5.75.

For more information about The Seed Fund, please visit www.theseedfund.co.uk.