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Embracing hygge and heritage, to wind down this winter

Amy Brice

Plankbridge heritage

Hidden away from the elements, illuminated by the flickering light of a candle and the glowing warmth of the wood burner, a traditional shepherd’s hut from Dorset-based master hutmaker, Plankbridge, can be the perfect space to unwind and embrace the Danish concept of hygge this winter.

Associated with a cosy atmosphere, good food and good company, but renowned for being difficult to put into words, hygge itself can also be hard to obtain in the modern world, as people struggle to find the time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life with friends and family. Yet this celebration of all that’s comfortable and calm can be found alive and well in cherished boltholes around Britain during the winter months and a shepherd’s hut can be an ideal hideaway for those looking for a new space to relax and recharge the soul.

Giving owners the opportunity to take back the winter months and make use of their beloved gardens all throughout the year, Plankbridge continues to reinvent the shepherd’s hut for modern purposes, while remaining ever faithful to the heritage of these iconic structures and the spirit of the craftsmen who designed them. Using the timeless 12’ by 6’6” Victorian footprint as their guide, studios, bedrooms, kitchens, offices and playrooms are created by Plankbridge’s master craftsmen, breathing new life into the humble hut that was once a distinctive part of the country’s agricultural landscape.

A standard Plankbridge Classic Shepherd’s Hut, complete with painted windows and door (optional upgrade to English oak), a solid French oak floor and a Farrow & Ball painted interior, starts at £22,225.20 including VAT and measures 12' long. Longer and bespoke designs can be quoted for.

For more information about Plankbridge Hutmakers visit www.plankbridge.com.