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Tiffin Time rewards those who go green at lunch for Bristol’s Big Green Week

Amy Brice

Tiffin Time

Bristol-based Tiffin Time, a unique service transporting tasty and wholesome lunchtime meals by bicycle inside reusable stainless steel tiffin tins, will be offering free delivery during Bristol’s Big Green Week. Customers who take their own vessel into the Tiffin Time shop on Midland Road will also be rewarded with 20% off their lunch. These special Big Green Week offers, which are designed to encourage Bristol’s workers to think about their carbon footprint at lunchtime and do more to reduce, reuse and recycle, will run from Monday 11 – Friday 17 June, during the city’s annual festival of sustainability, run by We Love the Future.   

Beginning with careful sourcing, using local and ethical suppliers like Severn Project Salad leaves, owner and founder, Katie Garden, has designed each step of the Tiffin Time process to keep her carbon footprint to a minimum, while offering a convenient and nutritious lunchtime option for office workers in Bristol. This is why all of the office deliveries are done by bicycle and the food is transported inside the reusable stainless steel tiffin tins, which are widely used in India to transport home cooked food to the workforce through the huge network of dabbawallas. Each Tiffin Time tin is numbered, so it can be collected on the next delivery round and returned to the shop to be washed and reused again. At the end of the day, any leftover food from the shop is delivered to a local homeless charity, so nothing ever is wasted.

Katie explains;

“It’s so rewarding for me to see this sustainable approach to lunch catching on around Bristol, with many offices around the city now ordering from us and almost half of the customers visiting the shop even bringing their own tiffin tin, plate or Tupperware, rather than using our biodegradable boxes. Big Green Week is the ideal opportunity to remind ourselves about the amount of waste that we generate and to think about ways that we can limit our impact on the environment, so we’re delighted to be doing our bit. Fuelling Bristol’s workers in a sustainable way is what we’re all about, so we like to think that ours is the greenest fuel around!”

For more information about Tiffin Time, please visit www.tiffintime.co.uk