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Raising a glass to Legless Liz, as new artisan ale goes on sale

Amy Brice

Legless Liz

On Saturday 19 March, ‘Brew It Yourself’ authors Rich Hood and Nick Moyle pulled the first pint of Legless Liz at The Queens Arms in Corton Denham, launching the pub’s brand new beer which was made in association with award-winning Dorset brewery Gyle 59. The unfined Saison ale, inspired by the Somerset countryside surrounding the pub, was launched in celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday, while owners, Gordon and Jeanette Reid, also took the opportunity to toast their seventh year at the helm, which happens to fall on the pub’s 170th anniversary.

Gordon Reid, co-owner of The Queens Arms, explains;

“We had a lot of fun creating our new ale, not only during all the hours of tasting and tweaking with Gyle 59, but also getting our regulars to name this home-grown brew. With a mixture of punchy citrus, resinous and classic floral hops, it’s a refreshing and light beer, which will be perfect as we welcome some spring sunshine. It was great having Rich and Nick from the Two Thirsty Gardeners along to pull the first pint, and even better to get their seal of approval shortly afterwards!”

Rich Hood of the Two Thirsty Gardeners, adds;

“Despite spending plenty of time on one side of the bar, this was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to get behind it, so it was a real honour to pull my first pint launching Legless Liz. It’s great to see a pub deep in the Somerset countryside thinking outside the box and with the popularity of Saison beer shooting up in the US, it looks like The Queens Arms and Gyle 59 are well ahead of the curve.”

Legless Liz is now on sale at The Queens Arms and is also available to purchase in 500ml bottles, for a price of £20 for four.

For more information about The Queens Arms visit www.thequeensarms.com.

To find out more about Gyle 59 visit www.gyle59.co.uk.