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A new chapter in the history of shepherd’s huts, from hillside hideaways to back garden boltholes

Amy Brice


Evolving from a rudimentary mobile shelter during lambing season to a remarkably versatile space for modern outdoor living, the history of the shepherd’s hut has had many chapters. The page now turns once more with the release of Plankbridge’s brand new brochure.

A lovingly compiled collection of images and words, illustrating the inspiring and often unexpected ways that shepherd’s huts have continued to bring people closer to the great outdoors in the 21st century, the latest brochure from Plankbridge is a celebration of Victorian tradition and craftsmanship. Its pages offer an insight into how this humble hut on wheels has been reimagined for today’s purposes, including children’s playrooms, home offices, artists’ studios and spare rooms for students.

Keen to see the book closed on a recent trend for other moveable spaces to be labelled ‘shepherd’s huts’, which have little regard for their Victorian heritage, Plankbridge remains faithful to the spirit of the craftsmen who designed these iconic structures. Whether used as a cost-effective home extension or an elegant way to extend the use of the garden at each end of the year, the timeless 12’ by 6’ footprint with a corrugated iron exterior has boundless potential, just waiting for owners to breathe new life into its story.

For more information about Plankbridge Hutmakers visit www.plankbridge.com.