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Plankbridge branches out as master hutmaker returns to furniture-making roots

Amy Brice


Richard Lee, co-owner and founder of Plankbridge, has added a new furniture arm to his much admired master hutmakers in Piddlehinton, Dorset. Launching in April 2016, Plankbridge Chairmakers marks a return to Richard’s furniture-making background, and will begin with the release of the Shepherd’s Chair, a meticulously handcrafted wooden ladder back chair.

Inspired by the Danish concept of hygge, which embraces all things comfortable and cosy, the Plankbridge Shepherd’s Chair has a French oak frame, distinctively curved rear legs and a soft sheepskin seat made from sheep wool pretties. Each chair displays the same time-honoured craftsmanship as Plankbridge’s shepherd’s huts, and is adorned with unique markings from the natural materials. The soft and comfortable seat together with a supportive upright back makes the Shepherd’s Chair ideal to furnish a shepherd’s hut, a home office or even as a set around a dining room table.

Richard explains;

“My background in furniture-making laid the foundations for Plankbridge.  It’s interesting to think how my work has evolved from log cabin building through to fine furniture and then the shepherd’s huts. A natural progression is to offer customers our unique Plankbridge furniture designs, and a comfortable well built chair is a very rewarding thing to make. I’ve always held the idea that we can produce 'great ideas for small spaces’ under the Plankbridge banner, and the shepherd’s chair is the first design off the block."

A Plankbridge Shepherd’s Chair costs £490 plus VAT and is available online at www.plankbridgechairmakers.co.uk.

For more information about Plankbridge Hutmakers and Plankbridge Chairmakers visit www.plankbridge.com.