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Blackacre Farm Eggs grows Free Collection with Dabbling Free goose eggs

Amy Brice

Goose eggs

Somerset free-range egg producer, Blackacre Farm Eggs, has expanded its award-winning Free Collection with its biggest launch yet, the supersized Dabbling Free goose eggs. Packaged in a lovingly designed cardboard shed, inspired by the traditional farming methods employed by the Wood family, each box contains two beautiful pale-shelled goose eggs with enormous golden yolks within.

Having settled in at Blackacre alongside its Rambling Free hens, Waddling Free ducks and Foraging Free quails, the noisy new addition to the fold have made themselves right at home, with the girls spending their days dabbling and grazing in the fields before snuggling up together in their straw at night. Enjoying life on a farm guided by a commitment to love, care, freedom and fresh air, the geese are producing exceptional eggs that deliver in both quality and quantity.

Rich and creamy, with giant golden orange yolks, these goose eggs are a tantalising treat whether scrambled for brunch or beaten for baking. Dabbling Free will make a cracking gift for those who like nothing more than a soft boiled yolk, but will come with a warning… bigger soldiers required!

Dabbling Free goose eggs from Blackacre Farm Eggs are sold in packs of two and are available from Selfridges and other independent retailers across the UK, including delis, farm shops, butchers and grocery stores, RRP £9.99.

For more information about Blackacre Farm Eggs visit www.blackacrefarmeggs.com.