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Plankbridge shepherd’s huts set sail for the US

Amy Brice

Plankbridge in the US

Dorset-based master hutmaker, Plankbridge, has announced that its shepherd’s huts will now be made available to customers in the US, following the first two huts successfully landing stateside earlier this year. Responding to a growing demand for this quintessentially British symbol of rural heritage on the other side of the Atlantic, Plankbridge continues to breathe new life into the humble hut on wheels that was once a commonplace feature of the English countryside, using the timeless 12’ by 6’6” Victorian footprint as its guide to create everything from offices and playrooms to studios and spare bedrooms.

The first pioneering pair of shepherd’s huts to travel from Piddlehinton to the US made their way to Wisconsin via a shipping container and have since been lovingly dubbed ‘the twins’ by their new owner. Combining a traditional dark green corrugated iron exterior and English oak windows with a distinctively American interior, including a raised double-bed, pull out table, cupboard under the bed and wood burning stove, the huts are a meeting of worlds and have blended seamlessly into their natural surroundings.

‘The twins’ are the latest example of Plankbridge reinventing the shepherd’s hut for modern purposes, while remaining faithful to the heritage of these iconic structures and the spirit of the craftsmen who designed them. A bolthole to escape the pressures of daily life, customers in the US can now use a shepherd’s hut to extend the use of their gardens throughout the year and get just that little bit closer to the great outdoors.

Richard Lee, co-founder of Plankbridge, explains;

“We are thrilled to have successfully shipped two of our huts to the United States. In some ways it feels like being a Victorian pioneer landing on US shores for the first time. It's very exciting, and we now have our huts in many fantastic places, such as the French Alps, Ireland, Portugal and now the US.”  

Plankbridge shepherd’s huts start from £16,500 and measure 12' long. Longer and bespoke designs can be quoted for. Delivery to the US and Canada takes around five weeks following construction.

For more information about Plankbridge Hutmakers visit www.plankbridge.com.