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Waddling their way to Great Taste stardom

Amy Brice

Waddling Free

Rich and alluring with a vibrantly yellow yolk; a humble duck egg from Blackacre Farm, Somerset, has beaten off competition from 10,000 other food and drink entries to achieve the highly coveted Great Taste 3-star award. With only 130 products given a 3-star Great Taste award in 2015, this is an incredible achievement for any producer, made all the more impressive as Blackacre Farm can only influence the taste, texture and appearance of the Waddling Free duck eggs through the careful nurturing of its feathered flock.

The first paddling of free-range ducks arrived on Dan and Briony Wood’s family-run farm only last year, but with love, care, freedom and fresh air at the heart of everything they do at Blackacre Farm, it wasn’t long before they started laying the most deliciously creamy eggs. These values have elevated a simple and traditional product into one of the stand out foods of 2015, with the Great Taste 3-star award-winning Waddling Free duck eggs taking their place alongside Blackacre Farm’s Great Taste 1-star Rambling Free hens’ eggs as the only fresh eggs to be awarded Great Taste stars in 2015.

Great Taste judges considered Waddling Free to be “perfection in a duck egg”, with other comments including “proud standing and succulent” and “a beautiful firm egg with a burst of sunshine in the yolk, great flavour.”

Already stocked in Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and a host of independent stores across the UK, Waddling Free duck eggs are part of Blackacre Farm’s brand new Free collection, producing exceptional quality premium eggs from the happiest birds.

Great Taste, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, recognises flavour above all else. Each year, 10,000 products are blind-tasted by a team of over 400 professional judges and in 2015 a total of 3,109 products were awarded 1-, 2- or 3-star awards. Only the most exquisite foods and drink are given Great Taste 3-star status, recognised in the world of fine food as a benchmark of taste, quality and excellence.

For more information about Blackacre Farm visit www.blackacrefarmeggs.com.