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Here are some of the latest press releases from the people we work with. If you’re a journalist, blogger or writer and would like more information, images or samples, please get in touch.


New online kitchen academy cracks the art of home cooking

Amy Brice

TDE gyoza.jpg

From sharpening knife skills and refining recipes to geeking out on the science behind the techniques, brand new online cookery school, The Devilled Egg opens a world of poaching, preserving and patisserie at the touch of a button. With in-depth video tutorials and downloadable recipes added weekly, an A-Z of useful terminology and techniques, plus access to support and advice from the chefs, this new-look online platform delivers a culinary masterclass to any home kitchen.

Welcoming autumn’s glut of orchard fruits and late vegetable harvests, The Devilled Egg’s head chef, Barbora Ormerod, has prepared tutorials to take the season’s staples to lip-smacking new places, including a recipe for autumnal gyoza, packed with pumpkin, tofu and quinoa. Designed to teach home cooks a new skill for their repertoire, whilst experimenting with fresh flavour combinations, these gyoza parcels reinvent a Japanese street food classic with trademark Devilled Egg twists, including Amaretti biscuits in the filling.

Whether it’s learning the fundamentals, deciphering the jargon or mastering tricky techniques, subscribers have the flexibility to work through The Devilled Egg step-by-step, as they explore, experiment and embrace the art of home cooking. Thanks to Barbora’s creative, practical and encouraging approach to teaching, seasoned home cooks and novices alike can challenge themselves at their own pace and make the most of autumn’s bounty, whether served up with steak, packaged in pastry or preserved as presents ready for Christmas.

Subscription to The Devilled Egg costs £4 per month or £40 per year and includes unlimited access to the extensive library of tutorials and recipes, which are updated weekly, as well as the A-Z, monthly journal and expert advice from the chefs.

One month’s free trial is available by registering at www.thedevilledegg.com/free-trial

Taste of the West crowns free range egg producer South West Producer of the Year

Amy Brice

Briony and Dan Wood TTFREC .jpg

Somerset-based free range egg producer and supplier, The Traditional Free Range Egg Company, has been named South West Producer of the Year at the Taste of the West Awards final ceremony, held in the Great Hall at the University of Exeter on Thursday 14 September. Receiving high praise from the judges, owners Dan and Briony Wood (pictured above), were recognised for their innovative and entrepreneurial approach to business development, as well as their efforts to minimise the company’s carbon footprint and their continued work to ensure a sustainable future for independent family-run farms.

Pioneering a new chapter in free range eggs with the recent launch of its Birds & Herds free range eggs, which are produced as happy herds and traditional birds restore the south west’s pastures through the centuries-old process of mob grazing, The Traditional Free Range Egg Company was commended for “taking what was once viewed as a commodity, and presenting it as a top-quality artisan product on a regional, national and international level.” The Taste of the West panel also heaped praise upon the company’s “hard work to create the right product and cleverly re-direct it to a modern discerning market through innovative branding and marketing techniques.” 

Dan Wood, managing director of The Traditional Free Range Egg Company, explains:

“Winning South West Producer of the Year is a huge feather in our cap as we continue to champion independent family-run farms who employ traditional farming methods. Not only does it recognise the fantastic work of our team and our network of farmers who produce truly exceptional free range eggs, but it also gives us valuable platform to educate consumers on the importance of supporting these farmers in order to help ensure a sustainable future for food and farming for generations to come.”

For more information on The Traditional Free Range Egg Company, please visit www.thetraditionalfreerangeeggcompany.co.uk.

From the crashing waves to the abundant orchards, toast the apple season with Jack Ratt

Amy Brice

Jack Ratt Sparkling Cider.jpg

Lyme Bay Winery’s award-winning Jack Ratt Sparkling Cider, a traditional west country carbonated cider made in Shute, Devon, is just the tipple to embrace autumn’s harvest and usher in those cooler months. With an invitingly sweet apple aroma and a crisp, bold and refreshing flavour, this Sparkling Cider is a celebration of the county’s cider making heritage and the area’s swashbuckling past.

As golden as the autumn leaves falling from the trees and with a lively fizz reminiscent of the crashing waves along the Jurassic Coast, Jack Ratt Sparkling Cider is made using a blend of freshly-pressed juice from local apples. Taking its name from 19th century smuggler, Jack Rattenbury, the chosen apples include Tramlett’s Bitter, Foxwhelp and Tom Putt, all of which would have been used in cider making during Jack’s own lifetime.

Packaged in new-look 500ml bottles, which illustrate their namesake’s quest to hide his contraband in caves and sunken barrels off the coast, retrieving them by ‘creeping’ the ocean floor with a grappling hook, Jack Ratt Sparkling Cider is the perfect drink to ward off the chill with family and friends at autumn feasts, gatherings and celebrations, as the nights begin to draw in.

Jack Ratt Sparkling Cider, RRP £2.55 for a 500ml bottle, is available from Waitrose stores in the south west, as well as independent retailers, including delis, farm shops, butchers and grocery stores across the UK, and online at www.lymebaywinery.co.uk.


Reimagining raw chocolate with the lost crops of the Incas

Amy Brice

A new chapter in chocolate 2.jpg

Bristol-based Adam’s Chocolate has refined the recipe for healthy yet indulgent snacking with its ground-breaking organic cold pressed chocolate, which not only tastes sensational but leaves the consumer feeling incredible. Harnessing the ‘Lost Crops of the Incas’, with ingredients including yacon, lucuma and maca, which are all grown at the foot of the Andes and have been consumed for their medicinal properties for thousands of years, each cube of chocolate has a gentle sweetness and a uniquely smooth and velvety fudge-like texture.

As well as aiding digestion and boosting the immune system, Adam’s Chocolate, which is Soil Association and Vegan Society certified, contains a selection of colourful superfoods. Each chosen for its health benefits and flavour profile, they are woven into the rich raw cacao to create four flavours. With Goji Berry and Pistachio; Hazelnut and Blackcurrant; Coconut and Banana; and Great Taste award-winning Mint to choose from, Adam’s Chocolate is a rare delight that can be enjoyed and shared with friends any time, whether nibbled in the morning to kick start the day or shared around the office in the afternoon.

Earlier this month, Adam’s Chocolate unveiled a fresh new look, following a year of support, business guidance and branding consultancy from The Seed Fund, as a result of winning the philanthropic organisation’s annual prize in September 2016. The elegant resealable pouches display illustrations of the rare criollo tree and its precious bounty, cacao, alongside representations of each flavour combination, to help tell the story behind this pioneering product.

Each 82g resealable pouch of Adam’s Organic Cold Pressed Chocolate is available from independent grocery stores and health food retailers in the South West, as well as online at www.adamschocolates.com,  RRP £5.75.

Free range egg producer digs deep to restore the pastures

Amy Brice

Digging deep.jpg

Increased biodiversity, improved carbon sequestration and the fostering of vital networks of fungi beneath the soil are just some of the far-reaching benefits of The Traditional Free Range Egg Company’s brand new Birds & Herds free range eggs.

Pioneering the incorporation of poultry into the centuries-old practice of mob grazing, the multi award-winning Somerset-based free range egg producer and supplier has put the humble egg at the centre of a story that aims to revitalise the south west’s pastures. Beginning with herds of cattle staying bunched together, chomping and trampling to create a natural mulch, from the outset this system allows the soil to absorb more rainfall and successfully lock carbon away, having an immediate impact upon the local environment, as well as contributing to the welfare of the planet.

When the herds move on, the traditional birds ramble out of their mobile sheds and begin to fertilise the land by scratching through the manure, spreading nutrients and helping to increase biodiversity in every corner of the field, as different grass, plants and wildlife flourish around them. Along the way, the birds enjoy a varied salad bar of vegetation, as well as nutritious grubs and bugs that can be harmful to other animals, cleaning the land ready for the herds to eventually return.

Hidden from view, the recovery of the pastures is just beginning, as mycorrhizal fungi and other bacteria leap into action and create more abundant soil life beneath both hoof and claw. These beneficial fungi grow in association with plant roots and take sugars from plants in exchange for the moisture and nutrients they gather from the soil through their fungal strands. The mycorrhizas act as extensions to the root system and link the whole field together in a symbiotic union, just as it would have been before modern farming methods broke away from the natural order of the land.

Dan Wood, managing director of The Traditional Free Range Egg Company, comments:

“There’s more than meets the eye behind the beautiful shells of our Birds & Herds eggs and it seems that we’re only scratching the surface of its ultimate benefits for the environment. With hoofs and claws in partnership with nature, we’re trying to recreate the age-old balance of grazing animals and poultry working in harmony with the land, and then let Mother Nature do the rest. As a result, not only are we seeing the pastures flourish into abundant life once more, but the cattle and hens are happier than ever, with our traditional girls producing Great Taste award-winning eggs at their first time of asking! Best of all, we know the Birds & Herds story has only just begun.”

Birds & Herds free range eggs come in beautiful natural shades within half dozen packs and are currently available from independent retailers across the UK, including delis, farm shops, butchers and grocery stores.

For more information, please visit www.thetraditionalfreerangeeggcompany.co.uk.


Outdoorfood named The Seed Fund’s 2017 winner, as start-up adds fuel to the flames

Amy Brice


Inspired by outdoor adventures and handmade in Dorset, FIREPOT by Outdoorfood has been revealed as The Seed Fund’s 2017 winner and will now benefit from a full year of business support, branding and mentoring from the philanthropic organisation’s network of food and drink industry experts.

Owner, John Fisher, collected his prize at the Great Taste Golden Fork Award Dinner on Monday 4 September, marking the climactic end to the first year of partnership between The Seed Fund and the world’s most coveted food awards. Hailed as "a game changing product that can make a huge difference to eating outdoors”, Outdoorfood has created a selection of backpack-friendly meals including Chilli con Carne, Dal and Risotto with a two-year shelf life, which are free from preservatives and just require hot water to prepare.

Having spent the summer working alongside the future stars of food and drink, as part of this year’s Seed Fund Academy, Outdoorfood consistently impressed with the quality of its product and the boundless ambition of John, who first began developing FIREPOT for his own nutritional needs while traveling around the world. Frustrated by the lack of natural foods available to adventurists, John designed his own range of healthy and satisfying slow-cooked meals, ensuring they were lightweight enough to be enjoyed from the heights of the Himalayas to the fjords of Chile.

Jayne Noblet, owner of The Collaborators and founder of The Seed Fund, commented: 

“We had a very special group of start-ups in this year’s Seed Fund Academy, but Outdoorfood really did blow us away with the sheer originality and quality of the product, as well as the team’s determination to grow and develop the business. From polar explorers and serious sailors to weekend ramblers and happy campers, this is real food and proper nutrition for when you need it the most. John and his right-hand man, Luke Pollard, have contributed so much to this year’s Academy and we know they will make fantastic ambassadors for The Seed Fund in future years, as they continue on their new adventure. In their first six months, FIREPOT meals are already being eaten across the globe, so we can’t wait to see how far they can travel in a year with The Seed Fund’s support!”

John Fisher, managing director of Outdoorfood, adds: 

“We entered The Seed Fund Academy with high expectations – an amazing chance to learn from individuals with years of industry experience – but at the time we had no idea of the sheer scale of the impact it would have on our business. The three months of workshops and mentoring sessions have exposed us to invaluable advice and case studies on how to launch and grow a food business. We have also loved working with the other start-ups in the Academy and sharing experiences and solutions with people facing similar challenges. It has been an incredibly energising experience and one I would recommend to any food company in the UK. The Seed Fund has been amazingly generous with their time over the summer and now we have the privilege of continuing to work with them over the next year. We will take this opportunity to pick through every aspect of our brand – not just the public face of our packaging and website, but also our business processes and our approach – and with their help develop Outdoorfood into an international brand worthy of The Seed Fund.”

For more information about The Seed Fund, please visit www.theseedfund.co.uk.

Carving out a space for a new adventure

Amy Brice

New adventure HR.jpg

As sons and daughters fly the nest this autumn, heading off to college or university to continue their academic journeys, a shepherd’s hut from Dorset-based master hutmaker, Plankbridge, can provide a fresh space for parents to explore their interests and creative passions, taking the opportunity to embark upon a new journey of their own.

Tucked away from world, these beloved boltholes allow parents to carve out a space that is truly theirs, without being tempted to reclaim that vacated bedroom the moment their child leaves for their first term of study. Whether inspired by painting, poetry, photography or flower arranging, a carefully tailored interior design can maximise every inch of the shepherd’s hut’s 12’ by 6’6” Victorian footprint, with Plankbridge utilising everything from inventive storage solutions and undersized Belfast sinks to meticulously crafted fold out desks.

Extending the use of the garden throughout the year, these hideaways come complete with a wood burning stove and 240v electrics, while a 75mm insulated cavity, constructed using a breathable carbon-neutral material made from 80% recycled bottles, ensures that the interior stays cool throughout the summer and cosy when the frost begins to bite. So as Christmas rolls around and students return to their old room with an armful of books, a sack of laundry and plenty of tales to tell, who knows what other stories will have been started just a few steps down the garden path.

Plankbridge shepherd’s huts start from £16,500 and measure 12' long. Longer and bespoke designs can be quoted for.

For more information about Plankbridge Hutmakers, please visit www.plankbridge.com.

Walks, wildlife and time to unwind at a sanctuary beside the seaside

Amy Brice

The SBH from the beach.jpg

Whether rambling, hiking or wildlife watching, The Seaside Boarding House in Burton Bradstock offers a tranquil haven for those looking to get outside for a liberating lungful of sea air, before returning to the effortless charm of this restaurant and bar with rooms. Standing proudly on the clifftop, overlooking a panoramic view of Dorset’s Jurassic Coast, this elegant escape welcomes sandy feet, windswept dogs and ravenous ramblers who are staying overnight or simply stopping for a moment of refined respite.

With many a well-trodden walking route running by the door, ranging from 12-mile stomps from Seatown to Abbotsbury to two-mile ambles along Hive Beach, this idyllic seaside spot is perfectly positioned for anyone keen to explore the shores. A fine restaurant and terrace await for those who have worked up an appetite in the open air, serving up a daily changing menu that uses the surrounding land and sea as its larder, alongside an uncluttered wine list and selection of sundowners, cocktails and night caps in the bar.

Located just a pebble’s throw away from the meandering majesty of the South West Coast Path, The Seaside Boarding House sits in an area awash with wildlife, from the resident adder that lives in the garden wall to the family of seals that pop their heads up from time to time. As the sun makes its descent, eight bedrooms provide the most warming of welcomes for weary legs, including a super king-size bed with Devon-made natural mattresses, feather pillows and an indulgently deep claw-foot bath, ready to soak the day away.

For more information on The Seaside Boarding House, please visit www.theseasideboardinghouse.com

Smoked products rise to the top, as Great Taste announces Supreme Champion 2017

Amy Brice

SC Hugh Maguire (2).jpg

Out of 12,366 products entered into Great Taste 2017, the top honour of Great Taste Supreme Champion has been awarded to a Smoked Black Pudding, a brand new product from Hugh Maguire of Meath in Ireland. Celebrating the very best in food and drink, Great Taste, the world’s most coveted food awards, reached its grand finale at the Great Taste Golden Fork Award Dinner held on Monday 4 September at the InterContinental London Park Lane Hotel, where over 350 guests from the world of fine food gathered to hear the results of many months of rigorous judging.

Made from fresh pig’s blood and containing no artificial preservatives, this traditional black pudding is smoked over beechwood chippings for 45-minutes and boasts a “gentle pepper warmth, saliva-inducing aroma and careful use of smoke, which whooshes across the tongue and works in perfect harmony”. First generation butcher, Hugh Maguire, who started the business in 1991, took inspiration from his travels around Europe and installed a smokehouse at the craft butcher shop upon his return. Great Taste judges were in awe of this “tender” smoked black pudding and asked, “why has no one ever smoked black pudding before? Genius.”

With over 100 smoked products picking up Great Taste awards this year, the UK and Ireland has clearly found an appetite for playing with fire. Among this year’s other top trophy winners, Macneil's Smokehouse from Droitwich scooped the Great Taste Golden Fork for the best food or drink in the Midlands for its “moist, juicy and sweet” Smoked Mackerel, while Inverawe Smokehouses from Taynuilt picked up the Great Taste Golden Fork for the best food or drink from Scotland for its “stand out” Smoked Trout, during an evening when smoked products really did rise to the occasion.

John Farrand, managing director of the Guild of Fine Food, explains: 

“This Smoked Black Pudding really does encapsulate what Great Taste is all about; a simple, rather humble product made using good honest ingredients, with a dash of innovation and well measured twist thrown in to excite the palate. We have seen many smoked products achieve outstanding Great Taste results this year, aside from those going home with Golden Forks, which reflects a wider movement among producers who are embracing this nostalgic way of preserving and cooking to create truly exceptional food.”

For more information on The Guild of Fine Food, please visit www.gff.co.uk.

The shepherd’s hut wheel turns full circle, as Plankbridge returns to riverbank

Amy Brice

Picture credit: Rebecca Frost.

Picture credit: Rebecca Frost.

Having crafted hundreds of bespoke shepherd’s huts over the past 17 years at its workshop in Piddlehinton, Dorset, Plankbridge Master Hutmakers now has a Riverkeeper’s Hut nestled proudly in Norman Thelwell’s Hampshire garden, the previous home of the famous cartoonist who inspired the Plankbridge name. Deriving from Thelwell’s book ‘A Plank Bridge by a Pool’, which had a profound influence on co-founder and owner, Richard Lee, during his teenage years, the Plankbridge name has become synonymous with open meadows, wetlands and the simple life with a bucolic feel that were such strong themes in Thelwell’s work.

Best known for his cartoons which commented on many aspects of human behaviour, often featuring little girls and their now iconic little fat ponies, Thelwell published ‘A Plank Bridge by a Pool’ in 1978, an autobiographical work documenting how he created lakes and bridges at his home on the River Test in Hampshire. With Richard’s longstanding fondness for rivers, lakes and streams, the Riverkeeper’s Hut is a fitting homage to the unofficial artist of the British countryside. Featuring glazed double doors on one side wall to draw in natural light, this hut is at one with its rural surroundings, instantly connecting its owners to the great outdoors around them.

As another page turns in the history of Plankbridge, this Riverkeeper’s Hut further bolsters its strong literary links. Based in the heart of Thomas Hardy country, the Hutmaker’s own story has been intertwined with the written word for many years, something that Richard has been keen to nurture since Plankbridge was first born by the fireside.

Richard explains:

“I remember sitting by the fire one winter’s evening with a stack of Thelwell’s books close by, contemplating names. I sketched many ideas but I couldn’t shake off ‘A Plank Bridge by a Pool’ and just a few weeks later, Plankbridge was born. Building a hut for Norman Thelwell’s previous home was a huge honour, especially delivering the finished hut and seeing the familiar pools and bridges which were so firmly formed in my imagination. It’s a place that has always inspired me and I hope that the Riverkeeper’s Hut will help to inspire the owners for many years to come.”

Time-honoured skills, precise craftsmanship and Victorian heritage are poured into the build of each 12’ by 6’6” Plankbridge Riverkeeper’s Hut, which cost £23,000 including VAT, with bespoke designs also quoted for.

For more information about Plankbridge Hutmakers please call 01300 348414, email enquiries@plankbridge.com or visit www.plankbridge.com.


Virtual meeting space for world of fine food to be launched at Speciality & Fine Food Fair

Amy Brice

GFF Members Hub .jpg

Visitors to this year’s Speciality & Fine Food Fair will be among the first to learn about the Guild of Fine Food’s brand-new Membership Hub, an online platform designed to help the fine food world stay connected. Representing more than 1,300 food and drink businesses, connecting producers with independent retailers and providing them with a voice to both government and media, the Guild of Fine Food has now created this online community to give food and drink businesses 24-hour access to useful resources, breaking industry news and quick-fire Q&As.

With a comprehensive members’ directory offering details of independent retailers, producers and services, access to the School of Fine Food’s courses, charcuterie codes of practice for retailers and preferential rates for a range of other industry services, the Membership Hub is easy to use and navigate, making it a valuable resource for food and drink businesses in the UK and beyond looking to run their business more efficiently.

John Farrand, managing director of the Guild of Fine Food, explains;

“We are seeing a definite rise in new independent food and drink businesses entering the market and it is important that these companies are well represented and have all the information and support they need at their fingertips. This is where the new Membership Hub comes in, providing a 24-hour virtual meeting place, which members can access any time to share ideas and knowledge. We hope this new online hub will encourage businesses of all sizes to come together and help keep the fine food world as vibrant and exciting as ever.”

More information about the new Membership Hub can be found at the Great Taste Deli on stand 4280 at Speciality & Fine Food Fair, held at Olympia, London from Sunday 3 to Tuesday 5 September, where delegates can also peruse thousands of this year’s Great Taste award winning products and watch live cooking demonstrations.


A new chapter in chocolate, The Seed Fund reveals fresh look for Adam’s

Amy Brice


Following a year of support and guidance from leading industry mentors, as a result of winning The Seed Fund’s annual prize last September, Bristol-based Adam’s Chocolate has today unveiled its new brand, ushering in a new dawn for raw chocolate.

Packaged in elegant resealable pouches, offering an enticing peek of the cubes within, each flavour combination is intriguingly illustrated to help tell the story behind this unique organic cold-pressed chocolate, which not only tastes delicious but makes the consumer feel incredible. Free from refined sugars, dairy, gluten and soy, this pioneering treat gives a burst of energy without the usual sugar crash to follow.

The Seed Fund’s 2016 winner, owned by old school friends Adam Farag and Mark Claydon, has been on a journey of discovery and business development since coming through the Academy of hand-picked start-ups and landing the top prize. Spending time with the philanthropic organisation’s network of industry mentors, Adam and Mark have gained insights into a wide range of disciplines, including design, marketing, distribution, finance and how to approach retail.

A visual representation of this journey, the new brand features an illustration of the rare criollo tree and its precious bounty, cacao, which is combined with the ‘Lost Crops of the Incas’, yacon, lucama and maca, to produce a rich and velvety chocolate that boosts the immune system and aids digestion. Designed by Bristol-based branding consultancy, The Collaborators, each pouch includes a depiction of the colourful superfoods that are woven into each of the four flavours; Goji Berry and Pistachio; Hazelnut and Blackcurrant; Coconut and Banana; and Mint.

This year’s Seed Fund Academy has seen 13 fledgling food and drink businesses benefit from an intensive educational summer programme, hosted by The Seed Fund’s mentors, who are helping turn these start-ups’ big ideas into big business. The Final Four have just been named, with one eventual winner set to be announced at the Great Taste Golden Fork Award Dinner on Monday 4 September, following in Adam’s Chocolate’s footsteps and receiving a further year of support.

Each 82g pouch of Adam’s Organic Cold Pressed Chocolate contains eight pieces, RRP £5.75.

For more information about The Seed Fund, please visit www.theseedfund.co.uk.


A pairing made for sharing, fruit liqueurs add new dimension to the cheeseboard

Amy Brice

Apricot and Goats Matt Austin.jpg

With ripe fruit flavours, a soothing warmth and a long finish, Lyme Bay Winery’s range of eight fruit liqueurs are the perfect accompaniment to any cheeseboard, so the Devon-based winery has now hand-selected some of the south west’s finest cheeses for after dinner pairing and sharing. Bringing a taste bud-tickling end to any meal, feast or gathering, the new pairings are a carefully crafted celebration of the region’s artisan producers, including a match made in Devon with award-winning cheesemaker, Quicke’s.

Inspiring a new generation to understand and enjoy the pleasures of a traditional digestif along with the much-loved cheeseboard following a dinner party or Christmas get together, Lyme Bay’s mouth-watering matches represent a symbiosis of texture, aroma and taste. Made by blending its renowned Country Wines with a complementary spirit to 17% volume, each of the eight liqueurs now has its own wedge to work with.

Whether it’s Apricot Brandy sipped with Quicke’s Goat’s Milk Clothbound Cheese, a slice of mould-ripened Dorset White washed down with the indulgent and smooth Sloe Liqueur or a sliver of Cornish Blue served with the brooding and intense Elderberry & Port Liqueur, Lyme Bay Winery’s fruit liqueur and cheese pairings have something for any mood, occasion or palate.

Lyme Bay Winery’s fruit liqueur and cheese pairings:

Apricot Brandy and Quicke’s Goat’s Milk Clothbound Cheese

Blackcurrant Rum and Quicke's Extra Mature Clothbound Cheddar

Cherry Brandy and Godminster Traditional Organic Brie

Damson Liqueur and Quicke's Oak Smoked Clothbound Cheddar

Elderberry & Port Liqueur and Cornish Cheese Co.’s Cornish Blue

Ginger Liqueur and Dorset Blue Vinny

Honey Liqueur and Lyburn Farmhouse Cheesemaker’s Old Winchester

Sloe Liqueur and Chalke Valley Cheese’s Dorset White

The complete range of 17% volume fruit liqueurs are available from independent retailers, including delis, farm shops, butchers and grocery stores across the UK, as well as online at www.lymebaywinery.co.uk. RRP £12.49 per 350ml bottle.

The carefully selected cheeses are available from independent retailers, including delis, farm shops, butchers and grocery stores across the UK.

For more information about Lyme Bay Winery’s cheese and liqueur pairing ideas, please visit www.lymebaywinery.co.uk

Forged by fire, Quicke’s announces partnership with Ben Quinn

Amy Brice

Celebrating a new wave in cheese, Quicke’s has announced its collaboration with Cornwall-based chef, Ben Quinn of Woodfired Canteen, who has used his flair over the open flames to create an exclusive collection of recipes. With all dishes featuring a generous wedge of Quicke’s cheese, now made using Cornish Sea Salt from August onwards, this partnership aims to encourage a new generation to embrace outdoor cooking and make the most of the natural abundance around them.

This coming together of fire, land and sea pays tribute to the biggest change in Quicke’s cheese for decades, as the Devon-based cheesemaker continues to craft award-winning clothbound cheddar from ingredients that are a true expression of the land from which they came. Taking this as his inspiration, Ben’s recipes get back to basics with woodfire cooking in the open air, advocating an intuitive approach to all elements of the process, including judging temperature by how many seconds it takes before a hand can no longer be held by the fire.

Spending a few days cooking over coals in both the ancient woodland at Home Farm in Devon and the craggy St Agnes beach in Cornwall, Ben has created recipes including a Campfire Cheese Toastie, a crowd-pleasing Raclette of Buttery Clothbound Cheddar and a Smoked Cauli Cheese made with Oak Smoked Goats' Milk Clothbound Cheese. Finally, Ben’s Cheese Chop stuffed with Extra Mature Clothbound Cheddar provides fledgling fireside cooks with a new classic to pull out, as friends gather around with their plates in hand.

Ben explains:

“The ethos around Woodfired Canteen is all about sharing stories through food, with a focus on people, passion and place. I couldn’t wait to get my teeth stuck into the story of Quicke’s and Cornish Sea Salt, as the collaboration is rooted in the land and sea beneath us and the makers’ passions for the food that they share with the world. The story is just as important as the plate of food, and telling stories around fires to good people leaves more than just a full belly, so we’d really love as many people as possible to try these recipes for themselves. It’s as simple as getting a pan out, lighting a fire, getting a few friends round and giving it a go.”

All of Ben Quinn’s woodfired recipes using Quicke’s cheese can be found at www.quickes.co.uk/blogs/recipes

To watch a film of Ben Quinn introducing the partnership, click here.

The stars are shining over Home Farm, as Quicke’s lands four Great Taste awards

Amy Brice

With the Great Taste 2017 results just announced, Devon-based cheesemaker, Quicke’s is now celebrating, as four of its clothbound cheeses have scooped stars from the world’s most coveted blind-tasted food awards. Coming hot on the heels of the announcement that Quicke’s award-winning cheese will be made using Cornish Sea Salt from this month onwards, three of the new recipe cheeses have achieved a 2-star Great Taste accolade.

Among this 2-star winning trio is Quicke’s Mature Clothbound Cheddar, with judges hailing its “wonderful dairy flavours”, “creamy finish” and “tremendous length”, saying “you can really taste the freshness of the milk.” The panel also heaped praise upon Double Devonshire Clothbound Cheese, declaring it to be “a beautifully made cheese with creaminess and a perfect level of salt”, with one judge noting the “earthiness on the aroma; then on the palate this earthiness gives way to creamy, rich and luscious depth.”

Not to be outdone, Goats' Milk Clothbound Cheese had the judges coming back for more, with a “great tang, very pleasing texture, excellent freshness and complexity”, rounding off a resounding seal of approval from some of the finest palates in the country, just days after the announcement of this ground-breaking Devon-Cornwall collaboration. Finally, Quicke’s Vintage Clothbound Cheddar achieved a 1-star Great Taste award, following 24 months in Home Farm’s maturing rooms.

Mary Quicke MBE commented;

“The whole farm is delighted with this haul of Great Taste awards, after so many years of work in the dairy and maturing rooms to get the addition of Cornish Sea Salt to our cheese just right. We know 2-star Great Taste awards are only given to outstanding products, following a rigorous blind-tasted judging process, so this is wonderful news to receive in the same week that our new wedges line up behind deli counters for the first time. It’s been fascinating to read the judges’ feedback and we can’t wait to hear from our customers as they get a taste of this new chapter in the farm’s history.”

To watch This Land, the new film from Quicke’s, click here.

For more information on Quicke's, please visit www.quickes.co.uk

A new wave in cheese, as the land meets the sea - Quicke’s announces collaboration with Cornish Sea Salt

Amy Brice

Following years of testing, tweaking and maturation at Home Farm, Quicke’s has announced that as of August 2017 its multi award-winning cheese will be made using Cornish Sea Salt. A ground-breaking move in the world of cheese, the use of sea salt adds a new complexity of flavour to the Devon-based cheesemaker’s expertly crafted clothbound cheddar, which is set to tantalise the taste buds of curd nerds everywhere.

This Devon-Cornwall collaboration is the latest enhancement in Quicke’s long history of cheesemaking, as the whole team from the fields to the dairy have continued to craft outstanding cheddar from just four ingredients. Careful herd selection and planned grazing has produced exceptional quality milk to combine with Quicke’s natural rennet and heritage starters, with Cornish Sea Salt now in the mix to create a bright and unique flavour profile.

Mary Quicke MBE explains;

“We are really excited by the move to Cornish Sea Salt in our cheese and are delighted to be the first to do this after so many years in the making. Cornish Sea Salt has a unique mineral-rich flavour that initially hits the palate and then withdraws to enhance other ingredients, which gives us an extra complexity of flavour. Just like in cooking, Cornish Sea Salt adds a lovely brightness and pleasing complexity in the salt flavour and you really notice an extra zing at the end. Harvested out in the ocean, it’s concentrated nature without the impurities you find in pan-dried sea salt. As an unexpected benefit, the sea salt is also more demanding to mix into the fresh curd than table salt, so this stage has required even more love and care from the team. We are noticing a greater roundness in the flavour that we are putting down to that extra work.”

A coming together of heritage, provenance and innovation, Quicke’s and Cornish Sea Salt are ready to inspire the next generation of food lovers as the new wedges hit the shelves in August. Teaming up with Ben Quinn from Woodfired Canteen in Cornwall, Quicke’s will be releasing a suite of recipes designed to harness the cheddar’s unique flavour profile, a cheese as at home in the kitchen as on the cheeseboard.

For more information on Quicke's, please visit www.quickes.co.uk

Lyme Bay Winery welcomes new quality manager

Amy Brice

Award-winning Devon-based winery, Lyme Bay Winery, has announced the appointment of new quality manager, Jimmy Lewis, who will bring a wealth of industry experience to the growing team. This new role caps off an eventful month for Jimmy, having just received the prestigious ‘Member of the Month’ award from the International Food Safety & Quality Network, the world’s leading networking and information website for food safety practitioners.

Jimmy’s appointment comes as further demonstration of Lyme Bay’s continuing commitment to quality standards, following the news of last month’s BRC Global Standard certification, which is regarded as the highest benchmark for best practice, quality and safety in the industry. Achieved due to the winery’s pre-existing and ongoing drive to produce exceptional drinks to the highest quality and standards, Lyme Bay is currently the only English wine producer to hold this seal of approval.

Liam Idzikowski, head winemaker at Lyme Bay Winery, says;

“Bringing Jimmy aboard the Lyme Bay team has brought in a fresh and experienced pair of eyes to help us continue striving for better quality and higher standards. His vast technical experience in the large-scale food industry offers the company a new and rigorous approach to cider and winemaking that will support us in our ongoing mission to produce the very highest quality drinks.” 

For more information about Lyme Bay Winery’s products, please visit www.lymebaywinery.co.uk

Flower power flourishes at The Queens Arms, as chef takes inspiration from the soil

Amy Brice

From pansies to parsley, roses to rosemary, this summer’s menu at The Queens Arms in Corton Denham, Somerset, is brimming with fresh flavours and floral flourishes, gathered from the pub’s own kitchen garden. New head chef, Steven Mesher, has forged stronger ties than ever with the gardening team, visiting the plot on a weekly basis with owners, Jeanette and Gordon Reid, so that the kitchen can be led by the land.

Diners can enjoy the best of the season at The Queens Arms at any time of year, but with a bumper crop of edible flowers now blooming, handpicked petals are bringing a wave of colour, texture and delicate tasting notes to the pass. Dishes including rump of lamb with fondant potato and rainbow chard as well as seared scallops with brawn, chorizo and sea vegetables, are adorned with these freshly cut flowers, from the peppery orange petals of nasturtiums to purple violas, with their lettuce-like flavour profile.

With the majority of this destination dining pub’s fruit and vegetables now coming from its kitchen garden, located just a short stroll away within the walls of Corton Denham House, the plot’s influence has grown into every corner of the menu. Garden strawberry mess with basil meringue offers guests an authentic taste of summertime in Somerset, while freshly picked mint is tucked behind the bar, ready to be brewed in herbal tea or mixed into a cocktail with Black Cow Vodka, ginger beer and lime, for a Dorset Donkey with a kick. On weekends, visitors can sip the day away on the terrace with a Sipsmith Summer Cup, soaking in the views as they savour strawberries, apples and mint straight from the garden.

For more information on The Queens Arms, please visit www.thequeensarms.com.

An idyllic den for children to doodle, discover and play the day away

Amy Brice

A world away from video games, televisions, tweeting and bleeping, a shepherd’s hut from Dorset-based master hutmakers, Plankbridge, can provide children with a cherished hideaway where they can embrace the great outdoors. Whether playing hide-and-seek, counting butterflies or catching up with homework over the holidays, these timeless structures are a perfect base for small feet to run around and for big imaginations to run wild.

Endlessly adaptable, the Victorian-inspired shepherd’s hut can be easily transformed from an office, bedroom and studio when the weekend rolls around or the grandchildren come to stay. Bespoke designs, with the little ones in mind, can include inventive storage solutions so there’s plenty of room for the toy box, while fold out beds and folding desks will create a blank canvas for everything from trainsets to paint sets.

Fitted with a 75mm insulated cavity wall, constructed using a breathable carbon-neutral material made from 80% recycled bottles, these outdoor playrooms will be cool in summer and cosy when the temperate drops. A den for all seasons, the shepherd’s hut can extend the use of the garden throughout the year, giving more time to enjoy the simpler things in life and make memories with the family, whatever the weather.

Plankbridge shepherd’s huts start from £16,500 and measure 12' long. Longer and bespoke designs can be quoted for.

For more information about Plankbridge Hutmakers please call 01300 348414, email enquiries@plankbridge.com or visit www.plankbridge.com.

A digital detox on the Dorset coast – no Freeview, just sea views

Amy Brice

A world away from the frenetic pace of the daily grind, The Seaside Boarding House in Burton Bradstock is a place to escape the smartphone and succumb to the soothing charms of this coastal hideaway. With each bedroom a haven of comfort and tranquillity, no televisions are found within, instead inviting visitors to soak up the spectacular picture frame view outside their windows or immerse themselves in the calming pleasures of a good read.

Harking back to a simpler time, this restaurant and bar with rooms is an oasis of relaxed sophistication, offering guests a rare opportunity to recharge their batteries in sumptuous style. Each of the eight bedrooms are designed to inspire a slower pace from the moment the suitcase is stowed, equipped with a deep claw-foot bath, super king-size bed with Devon-made natural mattresses and piles of feather pillows, working in harmony with the ever-present lullaby of the sea.

Downstairs, a fine restaurant and proper bar look out onto the terrace, featuring many a playful nod to The Seaside Boarding House’s marine heritage, combined elegantly with hand-picked influences from throughout the past century. Welcoming sandy feet, windswept dogs and weather-beaten walkers returning from the undulating majesty of the South West Coast Path, which passes just outside the door, the kitchen offers a daily-changing menu inspired by the south west’s fisherman, farmers and makers, while the bar staff are on hand to mix and muddle the night away.

A rare retreat, offering visitors the chance to escape their screens and reawaken the senses with a lungful of sea air, the rhythm of crashing waves and the awe-inspiring panorama of Lyme Bay, The Seaside Boarding House offers a truly stimulating setting for a digital detox.

For more information on The Seaside Boarding House, please visit www.theseasideboardinghouse.com